TeraCopy Pro v3.26


TeraCopy Pro Portable is a program that replaces the standard dialog box for copying and moving files, greatly expanding its capabilities.

It works with maximum speed, which is achieved due to reduced search time and asynchronous copying.

The main advantages of TeraCopy Pro Portable over the standard copy tool, which is available in Windows Explorer:

the ability to pause and resume the copy or move process;
the ability to omit the file in the queue for copying;
list of interactive files: files that failed during copying are marked with a special icon, which allows you to quickly identify and fix the problem and re-copy only failed files
Correction of errors: if the file cannot be copied, TeraCopy Pro Portable tries repeatedly and then omits the problematic file without stopping the general copy.
Thanks to the contextual menu integration, simply right-click the file and select TeraCopy.

Technical Data:

Year: 2019
Version: 3.26
System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
Language: Multilanguage-Spanish included
Size5 MB
Format: Rar
Run as administrator: Not required


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