Process Lasso Pro v9.1.0.42


Windows, by default, allows programs to fully load the CPU, which leads to a system crash and, consequently, to work inconvenience. Process Lasso’s ProBalance technology carefully redistributes the priorities of running programs, so that processes that previously loaded the entire CPU will no longer affect system response.

Program features:

  • Prioritizing the dynamic balancing process to optimize performance
  • Using Standard Process Priorities
  • Acceleration in the foreground
  • Limitation of the number of copies in execution of the programs
  • Prevention of the launch of specific programmes
  • Maintenance of statistics on running processes
  • Dynamic programming of the system load
  • Separate program engine
  • Support 32

GUI Functions of 64-bit and 64-bit Systems :

  • Easy installation of process priority and affinity rules Assign CPU by default
  • If desired, show emerging tips to notify you when actions are taken
  • Unique system of reactivity counting and graphic visualization.

Technical Data:

Core: Refactored the balancer of instances

Allow wildcards Allow childof: to balance all children, for example, ‘childof: boinc.exe’. Re-balance if there are any PIDs in the aggregate changes, rather than the change in the net count of instances Kernel: Termination log events and creation of default to disabled processes GUI: Disable default list view grids GUI: Add ‘View / Show Grids’ option GUI: Do not show ProBalance statistics in the graph if ProBalance is disabled GUI: Change the overlay from the ‘ProBalance Restrictions’ graphic to ‘ProBalance Events’. GUI: add color selections for foreground and list view background GUI: reverses selections of dark / light themes in preparation for dark mode Additional corrections and improvements

S.O: All windows X32 – X64 Bits


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