Mixer Virtual DJ 8.3.4787


Getting good software to create and mix music is not as expensive and expensive as some people think. There are programs to exploit musical creativity with a multitude of tools and resources and one of the most famous is undoubtedly Virtual DJ, which also incorporates video editing functions designed for videoDJs.
A program for DJs with more than 20 years of experience

Thanks to its easy-to-use interface, anyone who is a little bit familiar with playing music (electronic or not) will be able to get right away with its most basic functions. Simply open the folder where the songs are stored and drag them to the track where you want them to play. From there, adding effects, adjusting or modifying the BPM, doing loops, scratches and so on is a piece of cake.

In fact, its design has been studied to the millimeter, dividing the work area into areas: at the top we find the players and associated functions from which to control aspects such as the wave, pitch or CUE; at the bottom we access the different directories of the hard disk with which we can see covers and quickly access the playlists.

Technical Data:

Ability to mix audio and video.
Locator of up to 3 CUE points per track.
Support up to 99 decks or turntables.
Recording of musical sessions.
Creation of playlists.
Sandbox or safe mixing zone.
Creation of loops of variable duration.
Control of reproduction and pitch.
Integrated mixer with equalizer and gain control.
Master tempo, auto mix and BPM detector functions.
Sample trigger with 14 audio effects, 12 video effects and almost 20 different transition effects.


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