Deep Freeze Standard v8.56


Deep Freeze Standard is a ready-to-download, reboot and restore software that offers advanced workstation protection while preserving the desired configuration. A simple reboot restores computers. Deep Freeze 8 + Serial Activation, is a kernel manager that protects the integrity of the hard disk by redirecting the information to be written to the protected hard disk or partition, leaving the original information intact. The redirected scripts disappear when the system is rebooted, restoring the computer to its original state. This allows users to make “original” changes to the computer, for example to test potentially unstable or malicious changes, knowing that when the system is rebooted they will disappear again. If you are also interested you can download Faronics Deep Freeze Enterprise 2019.

Deep Freeze version 8 full can restore certain damage caused by malware and viruses as after the reboot any changes made by malicious software should be removed from the system by reverting to the original state (along with any other modifications that have been made).

To make changes the system must be “defrosted”, disabling Deep Freeze, so that the following changes are permanent.

Technical Data:

Patented “Restart to Restore” technology
100% guaranteed equipment recovery with every reboot
Protection against phishing and zero-day threats
Extend the life of your equipment
Freeze and restore
Say no to restrictive protection
Phishing protection
Avoid configuration changes
Eliminate unanticipated threats
Protect the primary boot record (MBR)
Prevent unauthorized administrators from accessing or controlling a Deep Freeze machine with a single customization code for all components.
Predefine the different passwords that will be used on a workstation or through Command Line Control with different activation and expiration dates.
Deactivate keyboard and mouse, as well as touch screen devices, during defrost periods or on demand
Startup control window offers the possibility to restart immediately
Use invisible mode to hide the Deep Freeze icon in the system tray
Retain data after restarts even if your computer is in Frozen mode
Use ThawSpaces to store programs, save files, or make permanent changes
Format ThawSpaces to remove unwanted files
Specify the size of ThawSpace and the host drive
Store Windows updates in cache by downloading the updates even if your computers are in Frozen mode


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