Antares AutoTune 8.1 Freedom of Expression


I have never seen a product slogan as correct as this version of AutoTune 8.1 The Freedom of Expression.

Because it alludes to having freedom of expression I know that many people like me surely thought that the only innovation that was missing to this wonderful plugin is to do what is possible to make its effect without exaggerating within the voice mainly because I have the wonderful news that the innovation arrived and is called “Flex Tune” knob that is next to the parameter that is modified more as the “Retune Speed”.

Beyond continuing to qualify AutoTune:The Freedom of Expression as a TIMER I have always seen it more as an EFFECT and as Melodyne’s best ally. Plugins which I use almost always on the voice of a Reggaeton theme, R&B and now on the Trap wave as well. Each in their own clear way.

Technical Data:

windows x32/x64



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